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Set the Stage

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How to get those warm-fuzzies when it's still balmy outdoors!

Sometimes the act of holiday card writing is all we need to rouse our spirits. Looking over the list of names, thinking of friends and family far and near. Reliving memories as you sign your name on each, it feels good.
Writing out your cards can set the stage to bring on the festive feelings. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Put on some holiday music (we aren't judging!), light a few pine scented candles, grab a pen, and let's go!

grease and grace, vintage inspired, holiday card, christmas cards
Available in an array of vintage-inspired designs, our unique holiday card sets will get you up and ready to dig out those boxes of seasonal decor.

Bringing Smiles with Designs from the Past

Imagine the smile on everyone's face when they’re sorting through bills and junk-mail, and they open your holiday card. We’ve spent a lot of years bringing smiles, through both our cards and our handcrafted gifts. Our cards are designed in-house, by me (Deanna). We love to harken back to yesteryear, and hope to invoke those warm-fuzzy type of feelings (and sometimes give a good chuckle)!

Getting into the Swing of It

holiday card, grease and grace, vintage inspired, christmas cards, yule cards Let them know how you've been doing.

If it's been awhile since you've sent holiday cards, or even if you never have before, no worries! Try typing out a letter to your recipients, giving them a briefing on what's been going on in your busy year. It takes only a short while to type something meaningful (or hand-write, though I know my own handwriting could stand a brush up!) It can be copied or printed, and tucked into your card neatly. Your letter needn't be lengthy to be meaningful.
Remember— it's the thoughtfulness that counts!

grease and grace, holiday card, christmas card, writing christmas cards
Including a photo or letter— it's like mailing a hug.

Photographs tucked into a holiday card are also wonderful to receive, and are kept for years to come. I know I still have some photos that were placed in greeting cards years ago by my own relatives. In this digital era, paper products can actually be even more meaningful than in the past. Physically holding and looking at a card & photograph is much nicer to do than clicking 'like' on something. The tactile sensation is like mailing a hug. And we all love hugs.

Holiday Card Selection

You might choose a colorful & jubilant Mid-Century Modern style!

Or, perhaps a more traditional approach, like our Early Twentieth Century styles.
For those who love and relish the colors, patterns, and textures of Mother Earth’s artful bounty, we offer nature-inspired themes as well.

We Love History (Like, a Whole Lot)

grease and grace, christmas cards, vintage inspired, holiday cards, vintage christmas, retro christmas, 1940s
The past can be so inspiring!

Nearly all of the cards in our collection speak, in some aspect, of the past. When designing, we are thinking about many different areas of history. Some may remind you of watching a film from the Golden Age of Hollywood (Hello, “White Christmas”!) Others may conjure images of Yule logs, and freshly trimmed holly & ivy, amidst a mid-winter festival.

Always Something New

grease and grace, holiday card, christmas card, vintage inspired, 1950s,1940s, 1930s, 1920s Come, Join our "Grease and Grace" crew!

New designs are constantly rolling out here— stay tuned by following our idea boards on Pinterest, getting sneak peeks at designs on Instagram, or by following our Facebook feed which is filled with fun videos, music, and images from years gone by.

New greeting cards & specialty card sets come out as quickly as I can, although it sometimes takes me a tad longer than I'd like. Being a full-time mama & designer is quite the balance, and there are but three Grease and Grace artists altogether (we are a family!) We create, market, package, and ship all of our products ourselves.

Time Flies

So, don't wait around! Let us help you get in the spirit, and get those merry thoughts rolling like a pin on sugar cookie dough! grease and grace, christmas cards, vintage inspired, holiday cards, vintage christmas, retro christmas, writing christmas cards Enjoy! Let us know what designs you love, and what you'd like to see next!


Until next time, XoxoX — Deanna


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