Devil Girl Pinup - "HOMAGE" - 8x10" Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Burlesque, Low Brow, Fetish, Kustom Kulture, Hot Rod, Gonzo - Archival Quality

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— "Homage" —

•Digital Painting, Yes, this is hand drawn, via an ipad! This print is a combination of hand-drawn traditional & digital.
•Painting and Text by illustrator Deanna Meyer, of Grease and Grace.
•True vintage fonts used whenever possible.
•Archival quality ink on 100% cotton rag, non-reflective paper for long lasting fade resistance

• 8x10"

**Look for the details, especially in the corset! ;)

"Homage" is a piece inspired by the likes of Coop, Ralph Steadman, pinup greats like Petty and Vargas, & the Art Nouveau era.

Packaged with backing board and protective plastic sleeve.


Hello, I’m Deanna. Creating little worlds is all I want to do.

I spend my days in my illustration studio, surrounded by herbs and antique curiosities, in rural Pennsylvania. I enjoy many interesting adventures with my husband, daughter, and Shmoop, the “Office Cat.”

Since I was a young child, I’ve been creating. Some of my earliest memories are of drawing historic clothing, making fairy tale paper dolls, and designing my own “book covers.”
The work I make is influenced heavily by my affinity for historic eras: Color palettes, patterns, textures, architecture, typography – the list goes on. From Medieval to Mid-Century, I love it all.

My preferred method of working is to begin with a traditional sketch in pencil on paper, and then to colorize the image digitally. It’s a two-step process that allows for flexibility and speed, without sacrificing quality. I’m also quite adept at drawing and painting in miniature.

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