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Koala Love 11x14" Fine Art Print

Grease and Grace

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— "Koala Love" —

•Digital Painting, Yes, this is hand drawn, via an ipad!
•Painting by illustrator Deanna Meyer, of Grease and Grace.

•Archival quality ink on 100% cotton rag, non-reflective paper for long lasting fade resistance

• 11x14"

**This piece came about while watching Izzy's Koala World with my daughter. I adore this show. We recommend you check it out. 

"Izzy's Koala World follows 11-year-old Izzy Bee and her veterinarian mother as they rescue koalas and form friendships with animals on Magnetic Island."

Check out their social medias and donate to the animal hospital if you can! I learned a lot watching them & this piece is the result!

Packaged with backing board and protective plastic sleeve.


Hello, I’m Deanna. Creating little worlds is all I want to do.

I spend my days in my illustration studio, surrounded by herbs and antique curiosities, in rural Pennsylvania. I enjoy many interesting adventures with my husband, daughter, and Shmoop, the “Office Cat.”

Since I was a young child, I’ve been creating. Some of my earliest memories are of drawing historic clothing, making fairy tale paper dolls, and designing my own “book covers.”
The work I make is influenced heavily by my affinity for historic eras: Color palettes, patterns, textures, architecture, typography – the list goes on. From Medieval to Mid-Century, I love it all.

My preferred method of working is to begin with a traditional sketch in pencil on paper, and then to colorize the image digitally. It’s a two-step process that allows for flexibility and speed, without sacrificing quality. I’m also quite adept at drawing and painting in miniature.

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